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What is Hapkido?

Hapkido is a martial art style developed in Korea. The main focus of the style is self-defense and close quarter combat techniques such as Joint manipulations, grappling, throws and kicks. The meaning of the word "Hapkido" is "the way of coordinated power". The origin of this martial style dates back over 1000 years.

It is believed that the spread of the art is closely tied to the spread of Buddhism. Its techniques were handed down through traveling monks as means of self protection and defense. These techniques were later systematized as a military art known as 'Yusool' by the warriors of Shilla kingdom.

With an army trained in Yusool, Shilla defeated the other kingdoms and unified the korean peninsula as one nation in 668AD. Grand Master Choi Yong Sool is the founder of modern Hapkido, who in the early 1940's began spreading the ancient art of Yusool to the general public in Korea. Since then, Hapkido has become increasingly popular and today, it is practiced all over the world.

Why Hapkido?

The goal of Hapkido training is self-defense. Unlike many modernized styles of martial arts which have become sports, Hapkido has kept its traditional martial value as an art of self-defense.

Hapkido training offers practical and realistic techniques that students learn to be able to defend themselves when necessary.

Benefits of Hapkido?

Practitioners gain high levels of coordination, balance, agility and strength. Hapkido also offers the added benefits of physical fitness, stress release and weight control. Physical and mental discipline is greatly emphasized in all classes.


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